Pravartaka Infotechnates

Pravartaka Infotechnates

Thanks to those scientists & engineers who put in their best of efforts to overcome wide-ranging challenges in making all our lives comfortable, pleasurable and joyful. We identify the innovative technological inventions and make it available to the users with the right value associated with it. We offer comprehensive & economical solutions and wish to empower the edifying endeavors of our clients. Our aim is to become the preferred vendor of choice of our clients.

We are in to sales and services of systems & equipments used in the Nano, Thin Film and Vacuum Technology fields. We offer processing systems, components and consumables apart from instruments & equipments used for analyzing, testing, measurement & controlling in these areas. Our IT offerings include Didactic Systems & Interactive Presentation Solutions. We have partnered with the leading brands of global repute and act as their extended arms here in India and take care of the pre-sales, sales and post-sales activities.

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Our Business Philosophy is to proactively deliver our offerings and whole heartedly take part in the process of 'Empowering the Edifying Endeavors'