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18 August 2010

Dakota Instruments Inc, an Aalborg company, has come to Indian market.

Dakota Instruments has partnered with Pravartaka Infotechnates for the sales and services of its products in India. Hitherto Dakota’s offerings were being sold directly, and with this partnership, all of Dakota’s offerings will be available in India in the local currency (INR).

Dakota has its manufacturing unit in New York (in the same facility as that of Aalborg Instruments & Controls Inc. USA), where all of its products are manufactured and distributed worldwide. Dakota’s Mass Flow control products are offered with the latest control and communication features that meets the global standards. MFCs manufactured by Dakota Instruments are CE marked.

Dakota and Pravartaka together have long term plans for the Indian market. Establishment of a fully fledged Service and Calibration facility is being considered in India with Pravartaka Infotechnates.

Pravartaka Infotechnates will offer the following Dakota products in the Indian market.

  • Analogue Mass Flow Meters & Controllers
  • Digital Mass Flow Controllers
  • Acrylic Flow Meters
  • Glass Tube Rotameters
  • Polysulfone Flow Meters

01 January 2010

Pravartaka Infotechnates & Seren Industrial Power Systems, USA entered in to a business agreement. Seren IPS Inc is a leading manufacturer of RF power delivery components with its HQ at New Jersey USA. Seren IPS specializes in RF Power Generators and has fully fledged facility for Design, R&D, Manufacturing RF Power Delivery components.

With this partnership, Seren RF Generators, Auto-matching Networks and accessories are made available to Indian clients. Pravartaka Infotechnates will take care of sales & marketing and post sales support activities. Well trained engineers will support OE clients and end customers with the right know how and ensure that RF Generators are installed and run in the most appropriate way.

Pravartaka Infotechnates will be offering the following Seren products (of different models & capacities) to clients in India.

  • LF Series Generators
  • RF Series RF Generators
  • HR Series RF Generators
  • Impedance Matching Network (Auto & Manual)
  • Accessories

Pravartaka Infotechnates & Seren will work together in making the above offerings in all the regions and the interesting part of the offering will be the competitive pricing.

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