Pravartaka Infotechnates

Evaporation Systems

We offer Thermal Evaporation or E-Beam Evaporation HV / UHV Systems that are designed & manufactured by Plassys Bestek using high quality material. Some high lights of the system design are as follows.

  • Box shape chamber with front door or Cylindrical chamber with top lid options
  • Load lock with substrate treatment (plasma, ion gun, heating, oxidation…)
  • Up to 6″ standardized single or multiple substrates in one go
  • Resistive (Joule), electron beam or inductive sources
  • Various sample holder functions: heating, water cooling, rotation and/or tilt, LN2
  • Ion gun for sample preparation, etching or assisted deposition (IAD)
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic & Fully automatic Control Options

Plassys can also design and make systems to suit your requirements for any specific applications. Some of the application of these thin film system are as follows.

  • Lift-off processes
  • HMET, PHMET transistors
  • Ohmic and Schottky contacts on GaN
  • IR waveguides
  • Thermal barriers
  • Magnetic materials for microwave applications
  • MEMS encapsulation
  • Josephson circuits


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