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partners_indesign_technologyINDESIGN(Innovative Design Technologies) is an innovator and leader in the fields of Interactive Presentation, Interactive Projection, Interactive communication solutions which has a strong R&D and Manufacturing team. Indesign offers Interactive Equipments & solutions for education and training, distance learning, conferencing, Audio and Video, business and government.

Indesign products include Interactive Whiteboard, Portable Interactive Whiteboard, Interactive Projector, Visual Presenter, Interactive Lectern, LCD/PLASMA Touch Screen, DLP(RP) HDTV Touch Screen, Wireless tablet pad, Voting system, Web Video Conference System, Wireless Touch Controller and etc., combined with powerful software that provide easy-to-use, cost-effective collaboration and productivity solutions.

With Indesign products, groups can access and share information for people who need to meet, teach, train and present regardless of distance. Also enable communication which can ultimately expand the potential of what students, businesses and others can achieve. Whether creating solutions for education and training, or embedded components for OEM customers, Indesign’s unparalleled engineering know-how, exceptional technical expertise, and the highest-quality products will meet demands for corporate partners in a myriad of vertical markets.

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