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Magpuls GMBH

Magpuls GMBH is a well known name in Europe, USA and Asian countries which specializes in the AC and DC Power conditioning Units for varied applications. Magpuls offers services spanning consulting, planning, development, manufacturing and commissioning the units at client’s locations. Magpuls has a Total Power Solution to varied application areas like Solar Power, IT & Telecommunications, Power Generation and Transmission, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing etc. Magpuls offers wide range of offerings for Plasma Excitation, UPS Systems and power conversions (AC to DC / DC to AC / AC to AC / DC to DC conversions).

For the Plasma Excitation process Magpuls presents DC Power Supplies, Pulsed DC Power Supplies (Uni-polar and Bi-polar variants) and HiPIMS Pulse Power Supplies. All power supply units are specially designed for Plasma Excitation that works with highest performance and accuracy. The design of the entire range is modular in nature thereby offering flexibility for all applications & processes. All Magpuls Power Supplies can be configured and controlled through the Front Panel assisted by an easy to navigate user definable menus. It also can be configured and controlled via the RS232 communication or the optional PROFIBUS Interface from a remote unit.

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