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Mass Flow Controllers

Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

We offer Dakota Instruments’ Mass Flow Meters (MFM) & Controllers (MFC) used in variety of Flow Control applications. Dakota’s Thermal Mass Flow Controllers are (as well as Aalborg brand) designed to be used effectively in ‘Thin Film Processing’, which allow set flow rates of gases in to the reactor/chamber.

  • Dakota’s MFCs are compact, self-contained and easy to read. Models from 10 MLPM (SCCM) up to 1000 LPM of Flow Rate.
  • Dakota MFC’s offer +/-1% full scale accuracy & are unaffected by temperature & pressure variations within stated limitations.
  • Dakota’s MFC combines the characteristics and accuracy of conventional mass flow devices into a unique compact design.

Our Mass Flow Product range has the following

  • Analogue Mass Flow Meters
  • Analogue Mass Flow Controllers
  • Digital Mass Flow Controllers
  • Digital Control Module & Flow Totalizer
  • MFM & MFC Control Cable Assemblies


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