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Plassys LogoPLASSYS BESTEK is one of the leading players in the Thin Film Industry. Plassys is located in south of Paris – France & specializes in designing and manufacturing of High vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum equipments for thin film deposition and etching.

Founded in 1987, Plassys has designed and supplied systems for over 25 years to many prestigious
academic and private research centers who have relied on PLASSYS’ expertise in the vacuum
technology and application know-how. Plassys Bestek has deployed technical proficiency in the
semiconductor, Superconductor, Sensors, Tribologic layers, CVD Diamond and Optics Industries.
Over 300 state of the art systems have been installed & working successfully.

Plassys exports over 50% of its systems to Europe, USA, India, Japan, China etc. As part of its export
development it has partnered with Pravartaka Infotechnates, India for Sales Installation and Service
in India.

Plassys is dedicated to meet the client’s expectations by continuously improving its offerings with
respect to quality, features, performance, timely delivery & support services. In India, Plassys’ systems
can be found in some of the reputed R&D Centers like NPL, New Delhi and Nano-Science Center,
Chennai. Plassys has bigger plans on establishing its footage and serve wider range of clients in the
Indian market.

Plassys Bestek offers a complete range of thin film deposition equipments:

– High and Ultra High Vacuum Evaporation systems

– High Vacuum Sputtering systems

– Microwave Diamond deposition systems

– Cluster Multi-Technics systems

– Customized systems (IBAD, CAIB..)

– Systems for integration in a Glove Box (OLED, Organics, Sensitive materials..)

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