Pravartaka Infotechnates

RF DC Sputtering Systems

We offer HV / UHV Sputtering Systems designed for Single or Multi Source to achieve various depositions. Plassys makes rugged sputtering systems that are simple in design and easy to operate. Yet, they deliver very high-quality homogeneous films with good consistency, be it an R&D unit or a production environment.

System Highlights 

  • Cylindrical or D Shaped chambers with top lid or front door options
  • Standard chambers of 350, 400, 450, 600, 900 mm in diameter sizes
  • Single-wafer load lock or cassette load lock
  • Rectangular or circular Cathodes for DC, RF & Pulsed DC Sputtering
  • Sputter up / down sputtering configurations
  • Clusters for confocal systems & co-sputtering
  • Reactive and non-reactive sputtering processes
  • Static or dynamic deposition : planetary and double planetary rotation or oscillation
  • RF bias on substrates prior to and during deposition
  • Substrate temperature up to 1000°C
  • In-situ Coating Thinness Monitoring & Controlling.
  • High end Vacuum package with precise Gas Flow Controls
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic & Fully automatic Control Options

Plassys can also design and make systems to suit your requirements for any specific applications. Plassys Sputtering Systems are deployed successfully in certain processes like deposition of,

  • Monolayers
  • Multilayers
  • Magnetic layers
  • Optical layers
  • Co-sputtering





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