Pravartaka Infotechnates


As a part of the gamut of our product offerings, we offer full life-cycle support for our customers – right from Design, System Integration, Commissioning, Operations and subsequent Maintenance. Our trained engineers will be ready to assist you in pre-sales as well as post sales activities. They bring with them the right value addition in terms of product know-how and across-the-board experience. When the need arise they lean on our principal’s support team & take online support to ensure that the issues are resolved and system resumes to its original status.

If you have purchased any products from us, or if you are part of our product portfolio and looking for support service, please feel free to contact us by E-Mail through or through a phone call by calling us on +91 9449 08 9449. We will get back to you at the earliest & extend the necessary support to your team.

Please furnish the following information which will help us in reaching you faster.

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