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Plassys LogoPLASSYS BESTEK is one of the leading players in the Thin Film Industry. Plassys is located in south of Paris – France & specializes in designing and manufacturing of High vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum equipments for thin film deposition and etching.

Founded in 1987, Plassys has designed and supplied systems for over 25 years to many prestigious
academic and private research centers who have relied on PLASSYS’ expertise in the vacuum
technology and application know-how. Plassys Bestek has deployed technical proficiency in the
semiconductor, Superconductor, Sensors, Tribologic layers, CVD Diamond and Optics Industries.
Over 300 state of the art systems have been installed & working successfully.

Plassys exports over 50% of its systems to Europe, USA, India, Japan, China etc. As part of its export
development it has partnered with Pravartaka Infotechnates, India for Sales Installation and Service
in India.

Plassys is dedicated to meet the client’s expectations by continuously improving its offerings with
respect to quality, features, performance, timely delivery & support services. In India, Plassys’ systems
can be found in some of the reputed R&D Centers like NPL, New Delhi and Nano-Science Center,
Chennai. Plassys has bigger plans on establishing its footage and serve wider range of clients in the
Indian market.

Plassys Bestek offers a complete range of thin film deposition equipments:

– High and Ultra High Vacuum Evaporation systems

– High Vacuum Sputtering systems

– Microwave Diamond deposition systems

– Cluster Multi-Technics systems

– Customized systems (IBAD, CAIB..)

– Systems for integration in a Glove Box (OLED, Organics, Sensitive materials..)

partners_indesign_technologyINDESIGN(Innovative Design Technologies) is an innovator and leader in the fields of Interactive Presentation, Interactive Projection, Interactive communication solutions which has a strong R&D and Manufacturing team. Indesign offers Interactive Equipments & solutions for education and training, distance learning, conferencing, Audio and Video, business and government.

Indesign products include Interactive Whiteboard, Portable Interactive Whiteboard, Interactive Projector, Visual Presenter, Interactive Lectern, LCD/PLASMA Touch Screen, DLP(RP) HDTV Touch Screen, Wireless tablet pad, Voting system, Web Video Conference System, Wireless Touch Controller and etc., combined with powerful software that provide easy-to-use, cost-effective collaboration and productivity solutions.

With Indesign products, groups can access and share information for people who need to meet, teach, train and present regardless of distance. Also enable communication which can ultimately expand the potential of what students, businesses and others can achieve. Whether creating solutions for education and training, or embedded components for OEM customers, Indesign’s unparalleled engineering know-how, exceptional technical expertise, and the highest-quality products will meet demands for corporate partners in a myriad of vertical markets.

partners_process_materialsProcess Materials, Inc. is a global supplier and manufacturer of sputtering targets, evaporation materials, backing plates, backing tubes, and bonding services for the thin-film deposition industry. PMI offers planar and rotatable sputtering targets using materials such as AZO, ITO, CuIn, Chromium, Molybdenum, Titanium, and Silicon, among others. PMI combine its expertise with the advanced rotatable cathodes developed by sister company, Sputtering Components, Inc., and offer you a unique solutions for thin-film deposition and rotatable sputtering target applications.

Founded in 1998, Process Materials has earned a global reputation for its commitment to quality and service where trust is as important as technical knowledge. PMI focuses on providing and perfecting the highest level of product performance. Whatever your requirements are, R & D, pilot or full-scale production, you can depend on Process Materials to provide materials of the highest quality.

Process Materials has become a leading provider of materials by supplying customers with superior quality and consistency-targets known for dependability. PMI’s customers know they will receive targets produced to their exact specifications, delivered on time and every time.

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Micro Magnetics Inc. is a leader in commercial applications of spintronics, a new technology which combines the fields of magnetism, electronics, and nanotechnology. MMI provide innovative solutions, products, and services in the areas of Magnetic sensing, Thin Film and semiconductor metrology.

MMI offers a wide range of products & tools used in the area of Nano, Thin Film and Semiconductor Technology, which are used to fabricate Nano-scale devices, Thin Films in electronics and optics, MEMS, Data storage devices, Life Sciences etc. MMI offers high quality products at affordable cost by relying on efficient manufacturing and through direct selling models.

partners_vocuum_researchComing Soon…

partners_dakota_instrumentsSince its inception in 1992, Dakota Instruments Inc has been dedicated to providing outstanding value to its customers. Dakota’s products represent the highest quality laboratory and process instrumentation for all applications and budgets enabling our customers to achieve their objectives quickly, easily and efficiently. Dakota’s specialization lies in the Mass Flow and Control area and offers wide range of Flow Maters & controllers and Rotameters.

Dakota offers Analogue and Digital Mass Flow Controllers, Digital Command Modules, Multi channel IO Devices and accessories for varied applications. All MFCs & accessories offered by Dakota Instruments Inc. are CE Certified and stand at par with the international standards and offers standard & special features with respect to controls and communications.

Magpuls GMBH is a well known name in Europe, USA and Asian countries which specializes in the AC and DC Power conditioning Units for varied applications. Magpuls offers services spanning consulting, planning, development, manufacturing and commissioning the units at client’s locations. Magpuls has a Total Power Solution to varied application areas like Solar Power, IT & Telecommunications, Power Generation and Transmission, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing etc. Magpuls offers wide range of offerings for Plasma Excitation, UPS Systems and power conversions (AC to DC / DC to AC / AC to AC / DC to DC conversions).

For the Plasma Excitation process Magpuls presents DC Power Supplies, Pulsed DC Power Supplies (Uni-polar and Bi-polar variants) and HiPIMS Pulse Power Supplies. All power supply units are specially designed for Plasma Excitation that works with highest performance and accuracy. The design of the entire range is modular in nature thereby offering flexibility for all applications & processes. All Magpuls Power Supplies can be configured and controlled through the Front Panel assisted by an easy to navigate user definable menus. It also can be configured and controlled via the RS232 communication or the optional PROFIBUS Interface from a remote unit.

Seren Industrial Power Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer of RF power delivery components with its HQ at New Jersey USA. Seren IPS is specialized in the RF Power Delivery Components and has fully fledged facility for Design, R&D, Manufacturing RF Power Delivery components. At Seren innovative technology, applications and design expertise are combined with world class support to deliver critical RF power solutions including RF Generators, Auto-Matching Networks and accessories.

Seren offers wide range of RF Generators starting from 300 wt to 20 Kw, operating at frequencies in the range of 100-460 K Hz (LF Series) and 1.7-40.68 M Hz (RF Series). Standard features include Dual Frequency range, High Speed Pulsing, RF & DC Voltage / Power / Load leveling and Quick Arc suppression. Seren RF Generators can be used in multiple configurations like stand alone plasma generator, as bias generator, or as one of the several generators in a multiple generator chain. Seren RFGs can be configured for Panel Control or Analogue Control or an External Device Control and offers communication features like Serial, Profibus and Modbus options.

Seren strictly adheres to world class manufacturing standards and best practices in its manufacturing process and gives utmost importance to user’s safety. Seren RF Generators are CE marked for safety and EMC and meets FCC Regulations for spurious radiated emissions. At Seren IPS, continuous product development and dedicated Application / Design Engineering services ensure success to its customers. By virtue of its commitment to fulfill client’s expectations Seren IPS has become the true global OE supplier. Through this large network of System Integrators Seren RF Generators are serving large base of clients across all continents.

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