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About us

Thanks to those scientists & engineers who put in their best of efforts in making all our lives comfortable, pleasurable and joyful. We at Pravartaka Infotechnates aspire to empower their edifying endeavors by a way of offering them the innovative technological inventions and thereby contribute in a small way to the development of education, research and industries in India.

We seek pleasure in being a part of the perpetual activity wherein a scientific innovation or a technological application is put in to use towards newer inventions & developments. In this initiative we have associated with some of the leading groups who offer world class Scientific & Engineering Equipments & solutions, who cater to the needs of Nanotechnology, Thin Film Technology & Vacuum Technology fields. We have our activities in the Information Technology field too. Our IT Group offers Interactive Presentation Solutions and Didactic Solutions which plays a very significant role in the field of education and research.

Our Team

Pravartaka Infotechnates was formed in the year 2009 by a group of likeminded Technocrats in Bangalore. We are an experienced team of Executives who posses domain expertise in the related fields of specialization. As individuals, every one of us have worked in the field of Scientific and Engineering Equipments and have worked with various Education & Research Institutes apart from Industries. Our Executives have a strong experience in the IT & Didactic fields as well, who have handled High end IT Solutions in different markets successfully.

We have a strong Delivery team. Our Engineers are trained by our Principals who are capable of handling their range of products and services with ease. Our team of engineers has installed and commissioned some of the multifaceted & intricate systems successfully. Our Delivery Team is mentored and guided by a senior person who posses hands on experience of more than 25 years in the industry.


vision & mission




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