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Seren Industrial Power Systems Inc

Seren Industrial Power Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer of RF power delivery components with its HQ at New Jersey USA. Seren IPS is specialized in the RF Power Delivery Components and has fully fledged facility for Design, R&D, Manufacturing RF Power Delivery components. At Seren innovative technology, applications and design expertise are combined with world class support to deliver critical RF power solutions including RF Generators, Auto-Matching Networks and accessories.

Seren offers wide range of RF Generators starting from 300 wt to 20 Kw, operating at frequencies in the range of 100-460 K Hz (LF Series) and 1.7-40.68 M Hz (RF Series). Standard features include Dual Frequency range, High Speed Pulsing, RF & DC Voltage / Power / Load leveling and Quick Arc suppression. Seren RF Generators can be used in multiple configurations like stand alone plasma generator, as bias generator, or as one of the several generators in a multiple generator chain. Seren RFGs can be configured for Panel Control or Analogue Control or an External Device Control and offers communication features like Serial, Profibus and Modbus options.

Seren strictly adheres to world class manufacturing standards and best practices in its manufacturing process and gives utmost importance to user’s safety. Seren RF Generators are CE marked for safety and EMC and meets FCC Regulations for spurious radiated emissions. At Seren IPS, continuous product development and dedicated Application / Design Engineering services ensure success to its customers. By virtue of its commitment to fulfill client’s expectations Seren IPS has become the true global OE supplier. Through this large network of System Integrators Seren RF Generators are serving large base of clients across all continents.

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